We all need to find a sacred place to heal and unwind. Being in nature for an extended length of time allows for immediate healing to take place. Healthy food, light exercise, and the sun on our bodies are some of the ways we can obtain healing. During these sacred retreats we will alow the flow of healthy energy to come in, and in turn, let go of what we do not need anymore.

Through ritual, dance, yoga, meditation, writing, and doing nothing we have the oportunity to REALLY relax and align with source.

1 day & 3 day retreats in Maine in the summer. 7 day retreats in the Caribbean Islands in winter.
IMG_7931I am also working on creating a space for writing retreats, where we spend most of each day soaking up the sun and healing through writing. These may be specific times or connected to the healing retreats mentioned above.

May we look with in for all that we need, as there is nowhere else to look.

To learn more contact Christina:                         207.266.9274

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