What Is Your Question ?

What are you looking for? What is your heart’s desire?

The answer to this question is less important than the question.

See the question as the path.  Allow the question to live with in you so that you feel alive, then you will be able to see the beauty and mystery of life all around you. You may not always need an answer or a final answer. Often not knowing is OK. The question, the desire, keeps us awake, pondering, realizing. The question keeps us open to the wonder of all that is.

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7 things to do to feel good


You feel bad. Feel the feelings and do these 7 things while your feeling bad. Taking action moves the energy in your life, clears your mind and can allow for that over all good feeling.

TAKE A BATH: Talk a hot steamy bath and add your favorite essential oil or bath salts to the water. Good smells make you feel good.

HULA-HOOP: Break out your dusty hula-hoop and hula for 10 minutes. Its silly and fun and a great core exercise.

DRINK A CUP OF GOOD TEA: Make yourself a cup of extra good tea, and drink it out of a fine china tea cup or your favorite mug. Let it steep for 3 minutes, breathe in the earthy aroma. Think about where the tea originated and how it was brought to your home.

MAKE A VEGGIE PIZZA:  If you don’t have a pound of dough near by check out a simple dough recipe, or use a piece of good bread or even an english muffin. Spread it with your favorite tomato or pesto sauce and lots of veggie, top with cheese. Bake, give thanks,  and eat your colorful, nutritional pizza.

TAKE A WALK IN THE WOODS: Get outside in your boots and walk on the earth. Or if the temperature permits, take a bare-foot walk. Breathe in the scent of the various trees. Take notice of their leaves, buds and bark. Hug a tree. Nature and being in the outdoors, especially close to trees, can fill a void and help you let go of sadness.

CLEAR ONE SHELF IN THE LINEN CLOSET: Just one shelf, don’t get overwhelmed with the entire closet. Clear off a shelf and re-organize, throw away, refold the linens you want to keep and use this year. Clarity brings comfort.

WRITE A LETTER: Sit down at your desk, or the kitchen table and write a letter, yes, an actual paper/pen letter. Write to someone who would appreciate a letter in the mail. Write a sweet something from your heart. To your aunty, to an old friend, even to your self. Be sure to stamp and mail it! Communicating & connecting brings joy.


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Snow Moon

In honor of your self and making it through the long winter days…enjoy the warmth and light of the full moon this month. She is a special moon with a penumbral eclipse. Penumbral eclipse occurs when the outer shadow of the earth blocks part of the sun’s rays from reaching the moon.

Watch her rise up on this cold, February, winter night in Maine. Breathe in her glow allow her radiant light in the dark night sky to penetrate through your being and keep you well.

If you’re feeling the winter blues, there is hope. Spring is coming and soon there will be color in this gray- brown landscape. Breathe in her majesty, la Luna, the Moon.

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Rise of the Feminine Power

The next four years are not about Trump.

The next four years are about what comes after Trump.

These days are filled with the unknown. You wake up in the morning and wonder if you are still dreaming…A loud mouthed man dominates the news and most magazine covers and he’s “in charge of the country?” You want to pull the covers back up over you face and stay there for the next four years.

Don’t despair, I have good news. The next four years may or may not make this country great, however, it will change the planetary consciousness as we know it. The social system in which females hold primary power is upon us.

This presidency…it’s  not about Donald Trump. Stop giving him so much of your attention. It’s about what comes after him. During the past eight years we have seen big steps in a positive direction.  We woke up in the morning and started the day on a good note. We felt secure with an educated, well spoken president. His speeches could bring tears to our eyes for all the right reasons.

Now the tide has turned and its time for all of us to turn with it. We each need to rise up, speak our truth and become one with this new tide. The feminine tide has been rising for a long time and it is now stronger than ever. It is powerful and it will take over. The Mother of all mothers is here and the floods are enviable.

In time of great change people who feel insecure are filled with fear. They cling to what they know. It feels safer. In this time of tremendous change we need to show strength and love, to ourselves and to those around us. We are stronger than ever before.

We have been living in a patriarchal society for too long and it’s ending. Right before our eyes. The change is upon us now. Trump and his helpers are bringing it on faster, they are helping to arrange the lines of transmission along which our future as feminine leaders will bring this planet into a harmonious new order of matriarchy. Believe it, its real. Rejoice in what is. Wake up in the morning happy, throw the covers off to a new day. Find the golden light in everything you see and spread it everywhere.

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New Moon Smoothie

This is a delicious smoothie to celebrate these wonderful gray days of winter on the coast of Maine.

Smoothie Lou Lou:  This smoothie is filled nutritious vitamins, fat and protein. Cranberries, raspberries and  pear are loaded with vitamin C. Avocado is a healthy fat. Chia seeds are good protein. Bok choy has vitamins K, C, A, B6 and more.  Add warm water or coconut water. Blend it in a Vitamix or other juicing blender. This smoothie will keep you filled up until lunch time and your body will be happy. Enjoy your day with gratitude and love.

At days end take a  walk outside and look up. The evening sky is brilliant with stars and planets. The new moon is out there too. Beauty is everywhere.

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It’s January Clear Heal Nourish Empower

The wind is blowing, the earth is spinning, it is early morning in Maine. I’m staying in, embracing the “not having to go anywhere ness of life.”

Clear, Heal, Nourish, Empower

The quality of being clear. Lucidness, clearness, coherence, freedom from doubtfulness or uncertainty.

When I was sailing in the Bahamas I was amazed by the clarity of the water. I could see 20 feet down into the turquoise sea. I want to have that feeling of clarity every day.

Declutter: Clean up and organize your house, closets, bedroom, office, or desk space. You will have more clarity when there is less stuff scattered around.

Release Stress: Make a list of the top five things that stress you. Let go of one of them.

Talk: Talk with friends who are positive. Those who share your vision or those who share something in common with your life, and are helpful.

Meditate: Center. Breathe. Tap. Ground. In the morning do a quick grounding meditation *(see below), before lunch, then again in the evening.

How do you clear away the dust covered thoughts, that keep circling around in your head and open the curtain to clarity and light?

The process of becoming sound or healthy. Healing can be of the mind, body or spirit. It looks different to each of us, the key is to feel better. To do something which enhances your well being!

When I feel off center in by being and I don’t feel healthy. I want some healing. I run down the road. ( I don’t like to run but love the results), and then I take a very hot bath. It seems to wipe away all the gunk. The running and then the relaxing. I am also very fond of receiving massage so I receive a lot of body work.

Breathe! I know, so simple. Sit yourself down in a comfortable seated position, chair, floor or even lie on your bed. Now breathe deeply into your belly. Feel the warmth of your breath moving down your body. Breathing will help soften your body and relax your mind which will take the edge off of stress. Stress causes disease. If you want healing to come in, stress to leave.

Ask: Angles, spirit guides, religious figures, nature, the moon or the sun, ask the entity which you respond to best, for some healing. Visualize a white light around your entire body and allow the light to expand in ripples out from your body, then into the room, then into the house, and then outside into the world.Spiritual healing can come in different forms. Sometimes the pain you ask to release will disappear, other times you will gain better coping skills to deal with your condition in a more positive way.

Receive: Allow yourself to receive goodness from others. Look around you and be grateful for your abundance. Book a massage, or reflexology session, or what ever makes you feel good!

What are some things that you do in your daily life that lead to healing?

To provide with food or other substances necessary for growth and health.

Nourishment of the body as well as the spirit. Is key to a healthy life. I love to eat good food. I grow a garden of healthy greens. I go to the farmers market and I buy organic food from the local farmers. Supporting farmers is a wonderful circle. I buy their amazing food and they make a living selling it. Gardening and preparing good food nurtures the spirit and the body. Here is a list of other ways to nourish.

Look: Look out of your window. What do you see? Nature gives you spiritual nourishment. Even if your view isn’t great. Find something in it that is alive and inspiring.

Move: Move your body!! Dance, use a hula hoop, bend, stretch…use your body in a way that feels good. Take an exercise class, go to the gym…do something to move. Our bodies are made to move. If you stop moving your body, it get rusty and the parts begin to break down.

Meditate: Meditation is the mental form of the physical exercise. Like moving your body, you are exercising your brain. Just for 5 minutes. Slow down, sit down and close your eyes. You’re allowed to bring your smart phone with you…set the timer for five minutes and keep your eyes closed. Allow your mind go where ever it goes. No judgement. Just be.

Journal: Take out a new note book, an old journal ( the one you started last year), or a scrap of paper. Grab a pen and just write. Write your dream, find a word to prompt you, *( see below) find the freedom in writing. No one will see your entry. It’s for you. You can keep it or toss it in the fire or the shredder when your finished. Journaling helps release anxiety and stress. It helps resolve those endless thoughts that circle around in your head and the release of stress, is the antidote to healing.

Eat: Healthy food, and food you love is great nourishment. I enjoy a bowl of soup this is my best nourishment. Its like taking a hot bath. What food makes you feel good, alive, nourished?
Before you eat, say a short prayer of thanks, be grateful you have this delicious food. Chew slowly. Enjoy each bite. Even if its a sugary doughnut, if it truly makes you feel good, eat it and love yourself while doing so.

What food or actions nourish your body and spirit?

To give (yourself) the power or authority to do something. To make (yourself) stronger, more confident.

When I build a fire outside in the yard I feel the power of the flames licking at the sky. I feel empowered when I give myself permission to be me. When I engage in my life and I act on an idea or an inspiration.

Do nothing: Maybe your pushing too hard…Sometimes when you let go and stop for a few days everything falls into place.

Visualize: how do you want to be, what do you want to do, where do you want to go. Create a collage with pictures and words which create the vision of what you want. Or write down a list of positive words *(see below)

List: Make a list of all the things you love, or want to do,or how you want to be in the world. Be positive. Write about what you like. Lists are great because they are short sometimes one word statements. They get your creative juices flowing. Save the list so that you can elaborate later.

Take Action: Give your self, your partner or your child a foot massage. Or massage your pet. Dogs love the physical attention. This action empowers you because you can feel the energy in your hands as it brings direct relaxation to the receiver.

Claim your life! What do you believe in? What do you want to do? What makes you feel empowered?

…the wind is blowing, the earth is spinning, the dogs bark to come in, the cat brushes her snowy paws across the kitchen floor…
I’m in love with all of it. I am continuously aware that this is all there is. Here and now.

2017   clear   heal   nourish   empower  

*Christina’s quick grounding meditation: Stand tall parallel with both feet on the floor. Feel your toes, imagine that your toes are thick and long and supporting.

Feel your feet on the floor then imagine they are tree roots, visualize them going deeper, into the lower levels of your house then into the ground outside. Feel your entire body as stable and rooted into the earth.

Now take a deep breath and as you exhale, imagine the breath coming all the way up from the ground below, up through your feet, through your legs, through the center of your body and out through the top of your head.

On the next breath imagine your exhale coming from the sky, from the top of your house, from the ceiling of the room you are in, now into the top of your head through your body, down your legs and connecting with your feet and beyond, deep into the earth.

Take a third breath and as you exhale blow the breath into the center of your chest, into your heart.
Do this quick meditation with your eyes open. You will feel grounded and ready for the day.

*Christina’s list of 7 positive words: Accepted, Beauty, Dazzling, Magnificence, Fluent, Graceful, Luminous.

Christina’s list of 7 writing prompt:
Green butterfly
It was in this box
How tall is she
It’s a magic hat
Shark fin soup
A snow bank


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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice 2016 December 21, 5:44 am in North American 

The nights grown longer and colder. Even so, the darkness begins to retreat, and light begins its return once again.

Let us honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all.

Like our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, let us honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all. May we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life in which we are a part.

Rituals give life meaning. Winter solstice allows each of us to remember what we love about life, about ourselves, to be grateful for our abundance, and have the ability to change and grow by casting off things that hold us down or prevent us from living a full life. And by embracing ourselves and living true as authentic beings. 

For this years ritual I ask myself three questions:

What am I celebrating?

What am I releasing?

What am I consciously calling into my life?

Celebration: To meditate on my year and feel gratitude for all the  abundance which surrounds me.

Release: What is holding me back from being the amazing, light filled being which I truly am. I will write it out physically, (not by computer or text.) What I will let go of in order to live in a new more satisfying way, to be my true, authentic self.

“our inner conflict arises between our projections and the truth, whereby we need the purifying fire and the sword to cut away all falsity” 

– Meghan Don

Consciously Call: Who do I want to become? What do I want to make more room for in my life? What will it feel like to be alive in a new way?  What does her renewed life feel like?

“If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for.” 

Thomas Merton

Fire Ritual

Create a ritual with fire. Make a bon fire outside or light up your fireplace or wood stove. Ask the fire goddess to cleanse you by helping you to let go and offer up that which you are ready to release to make you more whole.

Bring your papers to the fire and let them burn. In the flames of what you release, new ways of being will come.

Invite friends or do the ritual alone. Afterwards enjoy a feast of your favorite foods to celebrate this new year.

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A Snowy Luncheon

A Snowy Luncheon

I’m preparing lunch for friends. It’s 6 degrees, here’s what I imagine while I chop and stir… It’s 85 degrees. Friends come together for a meal. The meal is more than food, though… the gathering is a salon. A salon like the one Gertrude Stein was known for, around the turn of the last century, at her home at 27 rue de Fleurus in Paris.

Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Hemingway, and other friends in the literary and art world came together to talk about art, philosophy, creativity, things that moved them. At my salon the energy is artistic, spiritual, creative. Ideas fill the table with excitement and imagination.

A sense of joy and enthusiasm fills the hours an abundance of good food, tall goblets, of deep red wine, (goblets – what a tangible  word.) Short runs out side to smoke a cigarette, or puff on a cigar.  I’m not a smoker thats just part of the scene. The artists of long ago sat in smoke filled cafes.

In my salon atmosphere I have prepared decadent entries that make my mouth water and my belly gurgle. Traditional Italian menus twisted with local, coast of Maine fare.

I am wearing a silky cotton printed dress, low healed red party shoes with a strap across the front, and pearls. Music is playing. My eyes are alive with excitement, I am filled with joy as I listen and observe the people around the long oak table top.

There are kids, playing with legos, outside jumping on pogo sticks or playing tag. They run through the kitchen to grab handfuls of grapes, pretzels, or slices of home-made pizza. They are (actually) excited by the home-brewed  bottle of ginger beer which I bring out for such an occasion.

It is glorious summer time and there are no biting bugs. We could be dining out side on a rough-sawn pine-board picnic table set with yellow linen napkins, and  deep bowls of red candles, out on the back porch or down by the pond,  A small bon fire. The dusky sky.

I’m  day-dreaming at the kitchen table. There is a fire going in the wood stove. My snowy luncheon is all about staying warm in the  winter. Wild mushroom-spinach lasagna and chocolate raspberry cake. A heavy meal, perfect for an extremely cold snowy day in Maine. After lunch I will take a nap.

In my dreams it is always summertime. Fire flies, chirping crickets,wild flowers… the scent from the peach orchard mixes with the salty air and weaves through the evening air intoxicating everybody.

I look outside. The earth is frozen over with snow and ice. The temperature drops steadily. Fruitful peach trees stand quietly, under a thin layer of frost. The cat whines to go out and then to come back in.

I am filled up now, though not satisfied by one lunch with friends. I want a regular steady schedule of this. I have a lot in me. A lot I want to get to know. Perhaps like painting was for Matisse. Is food my art? Will I come to know myself better with the next pan of fried potatoes, the next pot of lentil soup? I’m full now, and I know I will get hungry again. Then I will create an edible painting, a new feast, at my salon in Maine.

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In Maine

I have been reading The Yellow Coat in local libraries. This summer I read at Witherle Memorial Library in Castine. The Ellsworth Library, where Keirsten from Mortons Moo the local ice cream shop joined me and passed out cups of delicious home made ice cream. It was great! The children listened to a wonderful story as they ate their home made butter-scotch, strawberry and chocolate ice creams.. In July, my son joined me for  a reading at the Library in North East Harbor.

The Yellow Coat is now being offered at the Maine Crafts Association. Both in person at their shop off i-95 and on their web site. It is also at Bella Luna Toys in Rockland.

I am looking forward to more book readings and getting ready to read at maine Public Schools this fall. Thank You to everybody who has bought a copy for either themselves, or for someone they love.

This life is all about spreading the LOVE!

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Abaco, Bahamas

I was fortunate to be able to do two book readings during my time in the Bahamas. First with Miss D’s first/second grade class in Hope Town at their wonderful, peaceful, school on the hill.

And at the amazing Every Child Counts school in Marsh Harbor where I read my book as well as many other titles, to an attentive audience of young kids during my time volunteering at their campus.

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