C  h  r  i  s  t  i  n  a    M  o  n  t  a  n  o

I am a healing arts therapist, writer, soup maven, and an advocate for positive childbirth experiences; empowering women and families during the time of pregnancy and birth.

Practicing bodywork since 1991, I have created a unique blend of modalties within my practice. Combining varied healing techniques, I have cultivated a relaxing therapy session which includes energy healing, chakra balancing, acupressure, as well as therapeutic massage.

True stories have always inspired me, so when I came across a great family story I turned it into a beautiful children’s book; The Yellow Coat.

I love to cook, and make food for big groups of friends and family, believing that food is best when prepared with good intention. With my blog and film series; Intentional Soup I teach people how to stir love into every pot of soup they make.

Women have the right to choose the way in which they give birth. I made a film; Birth of a Family, to empower women, and families, during the childbearing years. The film was created using footage from my four home births. An excellant film for the whole family.

My husband Nielsen and I live on the coast of Maine. Together we started Heart Of The Storm, a local voyaging program designed to empower young people, as they explore science, art, and imagination. www.heartofthestorm.org 

If you have read this far you can see that I am passionate about many things. Check out my website, buy a book, watch a soup show, pass on a film, or come in for a massage. I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and sharing the healing light.

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